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Metal Scrap Recycling

Population increases every year and so is the demand for goods and products. As on date, we humans have been consuming more products especially those made out of metals. But expanding population has led to expanding production scales as well. Now, the debris of our desire reaches the landfills and is contaminating the environment we all live. But thanks to the one who coined the word recycling, which over the years has been making rounds allover the world. Now metal scrap recycling has emerged as a separate industry and is worth billions. But we are aware how plastic is recycled and we are aware how e-wastes are recycled. But how do they recycle metal scraps? Let us see.

Step 1 in a recycling process would be to sort out the different types of metal products. A scrap yard would get metal sheets, metal rods, vessels made out of metal and a lot more. Processing all these in the same conveyor belt or machine would be highly impossible. Hence it is necessary to separate all these products.

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