Car Scrap Recycling Industry and Process

Sep 25, 2017| Category: car scrap recycling| Tags: car scrap recycling,car scrap

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We have heard of recycling plastic, paper and even mobile phones. But car recycling is one many would’ve not heard of. Surprisingly, car recycling is the 16th largest industry in the United States and contributes $25 billion every year to the GDP. A humongous 12 million number of cars are recycled every year in US alone with the 7000 recycling facilities. On the other hand, Europe as well witnesses 8 million car recycling every year. This practice provides 40 percent of ferrous metal for the scrap processing industry in North America alone.

Well recycling a car is obviously not like crushing the small metal tin, processing and shredding it into pieces. As all are well aware, a huge structure has to be separated into parts before being recycled. So here is the complete process of car recycling

Inspection To Repair/Dismantle/Sell/Recycle- A car recycling facilities will always first look out for repairing the car before considering to dismantle or recycle. This happens when the inner parts are still in a good working condition and only a little bit of adjustment is required to make it work. If repairing looks unprofitable, the recycling facility then proceeds to dismantle the parts and recycle it.

Draining Fluid & Dismantling Parts- Reportedly, a car battery has 98-99 percent of chance to be reused if repaired. So are all other components in the car. Then the recycling would drain all the oil, lubricants, hazardous liquids and gas.

Selling Recovered Auto Parts- The reusable parts like the battery, tires, disks and engines are sold after segregating from the car body. Car servicing facilities would most probably take these parts and would replace it in the cars that require new parts.

Crushing & Shredding Vehicles- After segregating the parts from the vehicle, only thing that remains in it is the body part which is crushed and shredded to reduce into a golf ball sized metal chunk.